End of the Year Stats:


  • We're in over 85 countries on 6 continents
  • Our most viewed content got 88,000 views
  • We have over 17,000 users on combined platforms
  • Our most shared post on Facebook was shared 1,410 times
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HBCU Sickle Cell College Tour: #BoldLipsForSickleCell and Sickle Cell 101 launched its first stop of the HBCU Sickle Cell College Tour in Atlanta, educating and empowering students from Moorehouse, Clark Atlanta and Spelman College about SCD and SCT. More stops to come in 2018.





Sickle Cell Awareness Month Campaign: In efforts to provide sickle cell awareness to the general public and the sickle cell patient population, Sickle Cell 101 presented 23 facts about sickle cell disease and trait.


Faces of Sickle Cell/Bone Marrow Transplant Education Campaign: In partnership with Be The Match, Sickle Cell 101 relaunched the Faces of Sickle Cell campaign, which featured individuals directly affected by sickle cell disease and trait, while featuring the stories of individuals cured from SCD through Bone Marrow Transplant.


Sickle Cell Community Partner of the Year: Sickle Cell 101 presented Global Blood Therapeutics with Community Partner of the Year Award for their compassion and outstanding support for the sickle cell community.

JULY 2017


Attended Sickle Cell Patient and Family Educational Symposium: SCAY Award recipients were honored and awarded at the Sickle Cell Disease Patient and Family Educational Symposium's award gala.


University of Iowa (UofI) Sickle Cell Comprehensive Center: Sickle Cell 101 met with UofI Sickle Cell Comprehensive Center to partner with and educate sickle cell patients about resources provided by Sickle Cell 101 and collaborate on the UofI's annual sickle cell symposium. Sickle Cell 101 also met with Rick Kozin, Director of the Department of Public Health in Polk County.

JUNE 2017


World Sickle Cell Day Education Booth: At the San Jose Juneteenth Festival, Sickle Cell 101 hosted an education booth to educate festival goers about sickle cell trait.

#SickleCellisGlobal Campaign: In partnership with Be The Match, Sickle Cell 101 launched a successful social media campaign on World Sickle Cell Day that featured the faces of sickle cell disease and trait. This campaign was designed to share patient stories (including patients who have been cured through BMT) in attempt to "humanize" the disorder, while addressing and combating popular stigmas surrounding sickle cell disease and trait.

MAY 2017


SCAY Awards: In partnership with Prolong Pharmaceuticals, the 4th Annual Sickle Cell Advocates of the Year (SCAY) Awards honored three devoted advocates under the categories: U.S. SCAY, International SCAY, and Healthcare Advocate.













APRIL 2017


FSCDR - Ask Dr. Q: Sickle Cell 101 was invited to FSCDR's annual symposium to present findings of our popular resource 'Ask Dr. Q', with analysis from collected data submitted from patient and caregiver questions.

MARCH 2017


Presented and participated at the Sickle Cell Community Consortium's Annual General Assembly and Leadership Summit: Sickle Cell 101 reported the status of the Patient Powered, MD Reviewed Sickle Cell Literature project (sponsored by bluebird bio) and presented the final prints of "Guide to Living with Sickle Cell Disease" booklets, that will be shipped to provider offices nationwide.


Introduction of CA Sickle Cell Bill: Sickle Cell 101's very own Dr. Keith Quirolo authored AB 1408, which proposed to create three primary sickle cell treatment centers in the state of California.



Health and Resource Expo: At the Lincoln Elementary Health Expo, Sickle Cell 101 hosted an education booth to educate students and their families about sickle cell disease and trait and the importance of knowing their genotype.