What are the differentials of an increased temperature in a sickle cell disease patient in pain crisis? And how do you deal with it?


Pain episodes can be due to infections which can increase the temperature, but a pain episode may not always be accompanied by fever.  Infection needs to be ruled out if there is a fever with a pain episode.  Pain episodes can be a cause other problems as well.



What are the symptoms of kidney infection? How can one treat kidney infection? What is side effect of kidney infection?


There are actually two types of urinary tract infections, bladder infections which are more common, and actual infections of the kidney which are less common; but have serious consequences.


Bladder infections can sometimes have mild or almost no symptoms.  If there are symptoms they are burning or pain with urination, foul smelling urine and sometimes pain from bladder spasm that is felt below the navel. Bladder infections can progress to kidney infections if not treated.


Kidney infections are more serious and can lead to permanent kidney damage and what is called urospesis: the bacteria causing the infection get into the blood stream and can cause death if not treated.  People with kidney infections can have fever and back pain along with some of the symptoms of bladder infection. If the infection progresses to urosepsis there can be systemic symptoms of infection with drop in blood pressure, high fevers, and other signs of serious systemic infection.


Treatment begins with a urine culture to determine the type of bacteria and what antibiotic will work to kill the bacteria.  The initial antibiotic used to treat a bladder or kidney infection may be changed once the bacteria is identified and the best antibiotic is determined.



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